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Cheap textbooks

Buy cheap textbooks from other students. Sell your used textbooks or textbook on our site - bookstore. Compare prices on textbooks

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Used Textbooks

How much $$$ are you getting back for your used textbooks after finals are over and it's time to get rid of them?

Probably not much. But now you set the price, so when the semester ends you won't have to sell your books for less. If your buyer or seller is from the same college meet him or her on campus to buy textbooks for cheap...

There are no listing fees. It is 100% FREE! to list your cheap textbooks.

Please take a few seconds to register to begin selling your textbooks.

If you are a student from SFSU, CCSF, Berkeley, Stanford, and other colleges this site for selling textbooks is for you. If your college is not listed please let us know and we'll add it.

We also have student forums and classified ads where you can meet other students like you (please don't list your books there).

How to Buy Used Textbooks

Just find the book you want (you can search by ISBN, Title, or Author), click on the title, check out its description, then click "Buy" or contact seller with any questions you might have. Upon purchasing the book your address and phone number will be emailed to the seller and his/her information emailed to you. Contact seller of textbooks and arrange to meet on campus or have the book shipped to you.

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How to Sell Used Textbooks

It is really easy and fast to list your textbook in just 3 easy steps. Click on the "Sell" button. Type in ISBN number of the book you want to sell and click "Submit". We will put in the book's thumbnail picture, author, and title to help you list your book faster. Enter your username and password, condition of the book, price, comments (e.g. shipping price, etc.), college name, and click "Continue". You will be shown what your listing will look like, and then you can click "Submit" to list your book. It will appear in the search results instantly. Your listing will expire in the amount of days you set. If you would like to relist the item log in into your account and click on "Relist".

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Feedback after the Sale

We ask that you leave feedback about the transaction. The feedback will appear in that person's profile and will help to identify honest buyers and sellers. In order to determine if the person has a positive or negative feedback just click on a number in parantheses next to the username. For example, if the user's name is john(6), and you want to check his feedback, click on 6. Please note, this is a new service for selling books, so most users will have zero feedback.

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Note about Selling and Buying Used Textbooks

Visit U.S. College & University Directory for a collection of universities and colleges.

We can not be held responsible for a buyer failing to pay for an item or a seller failing to ship an item to you. We provide this site only as a service to help you sell or buy cheap used textbooks. If you are meeting on campus with a seller or a buyer please do so during daytime in a public place.

Once you've registered, you can go to "my account" to view your current listings, leave feedback, or relist your items.

We recommend Paypal® for all transactions.

If you are on a public or shared computer please don't forget to log out by pressing a logout button in "my account".

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If you are looking for cheap textbooks you've come to the right place. The prices are generally lower than in your oncampus bookstore. Cheap used textbooks that's what this site is about. (Feel free to list new textbooks as well)

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